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They’re called Studio Shaft! They also did these short anime videos to advertise Uprising. Remember these?

These were awesome

by 市九

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シアとチート | 道るに [pixiv]

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I’m so late late, but I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day, I love mew guys! <3

I’m completely not used to studying, since I always end up doing well on tests with few minutes of reading

And because of that, I’m scared and stressed for the university tests that are coming. “No pressure”, my parents say. Yet the pressure I feel is horrible already;;

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Artist: 獲無胃

team-jago sent:
do you play GhostX ?

I used to, a couple years ago.

Anonymous sent:
you should DEFINITELY read the tokyo ghoul manga! it's extremely good. even though the anime adaption is pretty amazing, it cuts out a lot of scenes that really piece the series together as a whole

Thank you, anon! I heard it’s better, yes. I might take a look~

Tokyo Ghoul was amazing and Zankyou no Terror was even better

What is happening? All anime episodes today decided to be top notch? omg


This week’s Tokyo Ghoul episode was INSANELY good! It’s making me want to read the manga so badly;;;


Lala without her flower crown(s) on; a princess doesn’t wear her crown twenty-four seven, you know!

Also, I’ve been thinking about making an ask blog for her! Hopefully it’ll work out smoothly; look out for it! /; v ;/


Cross over by me xD