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wolfieissenpai sent:
Hi my name is Wolfie, I just wanted to stop by and say hi! how are you?

Hello, I’m pretty good, thank you~

Hope you’re doing fine




WiiU Link by Mary Marhta

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so the background is sad? they’ll die right? sAD OCS

NO SHE WONT DIE SORA. I hope she doesn’t, it’s a tabletop RPG afterall ASDF.

But yeah, considering it’s Akame ga Kill, the backstory is quite tragic. But her personality is the opposite of sad, so there’s a decent contrast ASDF

I might translate it someday and post here. I’m just lazy pff

I just created an Akame ga Kill character with a fairly detailed profile, a detailed description of her Teigu/Imperial Arms, it’s Trump Card, disadvantage, a 12 sized letter, 28 lines long backstory, and a 14 lines long description of her personality, plus the drawing of the Teigu I plan to do

I feel so proud omg

Duuuude, we all thought our new Math teacher was awesome, but looks like he’s not THAT awesome, again ASDFJ. My friend almost punched someone today with anger, because of the teacher. He couldn’t stop chewing his nails.

The teacher wants to buy a broken iPhone from him, but he keeps being like “nah let me bring it home so I can check with the tech guy how much it is for fixing, come on, I wont steal it”, and did the same with my other friend’s bag

Of course he was kidding, but afterwards he kept making indirect comments to my friend and my friend really got mad ASDF

We also spent hours and hours yesterday doing a math essay, and today, the teacher gasped while drinking orange soda and soaked all our essays. It’s drying in the class, now. I hope he takes responsibility for that and don’t take our score down if he can’t read what’s written afterwards, or if the paper rips pfff

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Oh my God…

First Hanayamata… Now Ao Haru Ride…

I have a math essay to do for tomorrow, BUT I CAN’T IF I KEEP CRYING AND SOAKING THE WHOLE THING….


ロコン | 漬物飴沢



※Permission to repost was granted by the artist

Today’s episode of Akame ga Kill was absolutely amazing, BUT IT FELT SO SHORT…

I wanted more;;


fan art of this other fan art!  http://ven0moth.tumblr.com/post/42568370307

Hey peeps! I’d like to ask you guys some suggestions!

My friend plans on making an Akame ga Kill based Tabletop RPG, and we will create our own characters and Teigus (Imperial Arms).

I already came up with a cool idea for a Teigu, which would be a Palette and a Brush! Each paint color has a unique function (Like Black is for attacking, Green for healing, Blue for buffs, Red for negative effects, etc).

The problem is, I still need two things:

1 - Cool design ideas for a Brush and Palette set to look like a Teigu (so I can draw it or maybe look for it on the net) and a fitting name for it (which I might come with one on my own);

2 - And ideas for it’s Trumph Card and Disadvantage. Like, Incursio’s Trumph Card is becoming invisible, and it’s Disadvantage is that it drains too much energy from the user’s body. So far, I thought about the Disadvantage of using the user’s blood as the source for the paints, so using it too much would cause faint after a while.

If you have any interesting ideas in mind, feel free to send me a message! I’d be really grateful~